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University of Worcester Selects Systems Integrator Tellemachus…

University of Worcester Selects Systems Integrator Tellemachus for New CCTV Monitoring System

The Challenge

As part of the new facility development at University of Worcester, Specialist Systems Integrator Tellemachus, was recently awarded a contract to design and install a new CCTV monitoring system at the newly constructed ‘Worcester Arena’ along with two other locations; a walkway from the Worcester Arena to the Riverside Building and at the City Campus.

As part of the requirement, the new CCTV monitoring system needed to cover the entire Arena, both internally and externally and feed back to the University control rooms based at the St John’s and City Campuses.

The new system would need to be capable of recording and viewing video locally, and also on a range of mobile devices. It was important that any new system would function in low lighting levels, provide high quality and be future proofed for expansion.

The Solution

Specialist systems integrator Tellemachus, designed and installed an IP based Avigilon High Definition Surveillance System for the Worcester Arena as well as their walkway to the Riverside Building and City Campus locations. This solution provides the University of Worcester with the Avigilon Control Centre Network Video Management Software, with High-Definition Stream Management.

Avigilon Control Center Software allows University security personnel to quickly and easily search through High Definition footage to find what is needed. It’s sophisticated yet simple search software reduces investigations from days or hours to just minutes.

The University of Worcester now uses 50 Avigilon HD cameras ranging from 1MP to 5MP and includes a number of high quality 2MP PTZ dome cameras to provide full coverage in these locations.

The solution provided to the University is based on an open architecture and has the capability to be fully expanded in the future in order to integrate with other existing CCTV locations if required.

A centralised network video recording system was included as part of the solution to digitally record all cameras for a period of 14 days, and after this, the footage will be overwritten.

As part of the solution, Tellemachus installed and configured Avigilon Control Center mobile client onto a number of smart phones and tablets used by the Security Officers at the University. This allows authorised personnel on the move to view live and recorded footage. It also enables staff to control the digital zoom capability on the fixed cameras and the full PTZ capability on the PTZ cameras.

A key differentiator of the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system is the fact that it enables users to zoom in to examine specific details of an event with exceptional image clarity while it is still recording.

“Tellemachus did an outstanding job of designing and installing a new state-of-the-art IP based Avigilon High Definition Surveillance System for University of Worcester. There was no other proposal that could match the excellent image quality provided by the Avigilon system. Coupled with this, Tellemachus’ I.T capabilities, particularly around networking and IP, made the integration much more manageable”. Tom Taylor, Head of Security and Campus Services, University of Worcester

The Benefits

  • Exceptional image quality from the cameras resulting in positive identification
  • Wide/large area surveillance coverage per camera and therefore less cameras are required
  • Fewer cameras results in less man-hours to install and maintain (lowered installation and maintenance costs)
  • Reduces call outs drastically – 95% of call outs can be eliminated through the use of an IP system
  • Ability to see everything whilst on the move, via smartphone and tablets
  • Fully scalable to meet future needs
  • User-friendly and intuitive software reduces training time